As your local Member of Parliament, Ros and her team can:

  • Provide referrals to relevant services and organisations
  • Discuss supporting local projects and initiatives
  • Arrange congratulatory messages for key milestones
  • Advocate on your behalf  to government agencies and departments
  • Provide advice and information relating to local issues or concerns

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQs below or contact the office on (03) 9305 7177 or via email at


What congratulatory messages do you provide?
For certain milestones, such as 90th and 100th birthdays and 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries, messages are available from all or some of the following: The Prime Minister, Governor of Victoria, Governor General and the Australia Day Council. To request a message, please contact Ros’ office on (03) 9305 7177.

For other occasions, Ros is happy to provide a letter of congratulations or a celebratory card.

Can your office provide me with a flag?
Certain community organisations are eligible to receive Victorian flags, and we are more than happy to assist in this process. For Australian flags, contact Ros’ office and we will refer you to the relevant federal Member of Parliament.

What sort information can you provide me with?
Our office has a host of information booklets on State Government services, including Victorian concessions, consumer and legal rights, community safety and guides to local services.

We are also able to assist in either making representations on your behalf or providing a referral to one of many helpful local services.