Improving public transport services

Friday, 28 January 2022


A revamped bus network across Craigieburn and Mickleham will provide better access, coverage and more convenient services for locals with one of the biggest-ever improvements to public transport access in Melbourne’s outer north.

The bus routes and timetables will be expanded across three key routes from April 2022 to keep pace with residential growth and provide better transport options.

As part of the changes, routes 525, 528 and 529 will be realigned to better meet the passenger demands, with new bus stops to be built and more services provided.

Route 525 (Donnybrook Station to Craigieburn Station via Mickleham) is being realigned to improve access to schools and community facilities in Mickleham, with services to cover to Gaayip-Yagila Primary School and Holy Cross Primary School, as well as the Botanical and Trijena estates and new communities along Highlander Drive. Two additional services will also be added on Sundays.

Extending Route 528 (Craigieburn Station to Craigieburn Central) will provide additional coverage across the Aston estate and direct access to Elevation Secondary College and the Aston Village Shopping Centre.

Route 529 (Craigieburn Station to Craigieburn North via Craigieburn Central) will be extended along Brookfield Boulevard and Grand Boulevard towards the Trillium estate, connecting residents with shops, medical services, employment centres and trains.

These changes will follow the boosting of services on Route 525 from next week, with more frequent services towards Craigieburn Station during the weekday morning peak and towards Donnybrook Station in weekday afternoon peak.

The improvements to the Craigieburn and Mickleham bus network are an initiative of Victoria’s Bus Plan, improving the state’s bus network to better meet demand, improve accessibility and performance, and deliver value for money.

Further information and timetables will be released in the coming months, as well as at and on the journey planner app from 25 March 2022.

Quotes attributable to Member for Yuroke Ros Spence

Our community is growing – so we’re delivering a better bus network that improves coverage, access and provides more services.”

“These changes will make it easier to access local schools, workplaces, shops and services across Craigieburn and Mickleham.”


Additional Information

Route 525 Donnybrook Station to Craigieburn Station via Mickleham

  • Route 525 will be re-aligned to keep pace with residential growth and improve access to schools and community facilities along Blackmore Road.
  • The route will be re-aligned via Marathon Boulevard, Highlander Drive, Poppy Street, Ellscott Boulevard, Alexo Road and the Woods Boulevard.
  • Mickleham passengers will remain within walking distance of the realigned route, while Craigieburn passengers can catch Route 541 from Aitken Boulevard or Route 529 from Grand Boulevard.
  • School trips to and from Mt Ridley College will be unchanged and continue to run on school days only.
  • Services will be boosted on Route 525 with two new services on Sunday mornings.

Route 528 Craigieburn Station – Craigieburn Central Shopping Centre

  • Route 528 will be extended via Elevation Boulevard, Vantage Boulevard and Craigieburn Road.
  • The change will provide improved access to Elevation Secondary College and shops.
  • The daytime frequency of Route 528 will be upgraded to every 20 minutes to match passenger demand and every 40 minutes on weekends.
  • Buses will coordinate with trains at Craigieburn Station.

Route 529 Craigieburn Station – Craigieburn North via Craigieburn Central SC

  • Route 529 will be extended to provide improved public transport coverage Craigieburn’s western growth areas along Brookfield Boulevard, Grand Boulevard and Highlander Drive.
  • Route 529 will have increased peak and weekday daytime frequencies and more Sunday morning services.
  • Route 529 will run every 15 minutes during the peaks and every 20 minutes outside the weekday peaks, making it a regular and reliable way to travel.

Other changes

  • Approximately 20 new stops will be built for routes 528 and 529.
  • Route 533 Craigieburn – Craigieburn North via Hanson Rd will have a new timetable with improved service frequency and span.
  • Route 537 Craigieburn Station – Craigieburn West via Craigieburn Central SC will have a changed alignment due to duplication with Route 528 and improved service span.
  • Routes 530, 531, 532, and 544 will have minor timetables changes to adjust service running times.

Route maps

Click the link below to check out an overview of the new route maps