More than 40 hectares of land was transferred to the Victorian Government to ensure the conservation of several endangered native flora and fauna species.

The 44 hectares of land, in Mickleham, is home to threatened Red Gum vegetation, endangered Plains Grassy Woodland, the Golden Sun Moth and the Matted Flax-lily.

The land will become part of the existing Mount Ridley Nature Conservation Reserve and was transferred to the government at no cost, by the AMP Company.

The remnant woodland area was part of a larger property and the land transfer enabled the development of the site with an agreement to protect and manage the native vegetation for conservation purposes.

Negotiations for this land transfer began back in 2007 with the previous land owner, Folkstone, and the Government. AMP have also provided funding of nearly $300,000 for Parks Victoria to take over the long-term management of the land.