Newbury Primary School has been successful in receiving funding to deliver strong, sustainable and meaningful connections with Victoria’s Indian community.

Minister for Education James Merlino announced that eleven schools across the state had been awarded funding as part of the Connecting Schools with Indian Communities program.

This pilot program aims to develop partnerships between schools and Victoria’s thriving Indian community. It will enable Victorian students to develop their intercultural capabilities, appreciate and respect cultural difference and strengthen people-to-people links within communities.

Victoria is proud to be home to the largest Indian community of any Australian state. This vibrant and growing community are an asset to Victoria and can connect our schools with the knowledge and networks required to effectively engage with India in a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected.

The project will see Newbury Primary School deliver education workshops to parents, students and staff to enhance understanding between the school and Indian community.

In recognition of Victoria’s deep connection with India, the Victorian Government launched Victoria’s India Strategy: Our Shared Future in 2018, to celebrate our personal connections with India and form the foundations for a mutually beneficial partnership.

The Connecting Schools with Indian Communities program is one of three educational initiatives in the strategy and aims to develop and deepen Victorian schools’ engagement with India and build on the strengths of our diverse multicultural population.

Development of Hindi-language resources for non-native speakers and programs featuring Indian cultural texts and films are just some of the projects being delivered across schools as part of the program. The program received a high number of applications from across the state and all funding has now been allocated.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education James Merlino

“The program is a ’hands-on’ learning opportunity for our students to deepen their intercultural capabilities and strengthen community connections in Victoria.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Yuroke Ros Spence

“This new program will help to build community connections as well as providing opportunities for cross-cultural exchange”

“This program is a great opportunity for the Newbury Primary School community to further develop their relationship with our rapidly growing, vibrant local Indian community”

Quotes attributable to Newbury Primary School Principal Michelle Bromfield

“As a school community, we are excited about the opportunity to further develop strong links with the Indian community and our families.”