Bill Speech: Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

Ms SPENCE (Yuroke) (14:25:15) — I am very pleased to speak on the Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, and I am pleased to do so not just because it is one of the most significant reforms of the Electoral Act 2002 or because it gives Victoria a robust political donations and disclosure scheme but also because it gives effect to many of the recommendations made by the Electoral Matters Committee in its report entitled Inquiry into the Conduct of the 2014 Victorian State Election. As deputy chair of the Electoral Matters Committee, I am very pleased that this bill addresses a number of concerns that the committee raised, and it will make Victoria’s electoral system clearer, more efficient and more accessible.

I will just clarify some comments that the member for Warrandyte made in his contribution, and I would encourage the member to actually read that inquiry report. He made some fairly inflammatory comments about actions that he alleges occurred in regard to the former member for Carrum. As part of the inquiry into that election, the members of the committee were quite concerned when they had these allegations put to them. The allegations were that complaints had been made about behaviour which were then reported to the official at the polling place, and the polling official apparently had to call the police. We checked with the polling place official. No report was made; no police were called. So I would just like to clarify that and encourage the member to actually read the report and the evidence that goes with it.