Constituency Question: Bus Services

Ros SPENCE (Yuroke) (11:41:00) — (14 954) My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport. What information can the minister provide regarding the potential for a new bus route to provide public transport connections for thousands of residents living in the rapidly growing communities along Donnybrook Road, Mickleham?

I regularly attend the Merrifield Farmers’ Market in Mickleham, and the need for a bus service to Craigieburn is raised by almost everyone I speak to. This is also a very common topic raised with me in response to new residents letters that I send out. There is currently a private service, the Merrifield Connect, run by Merrifield estate, that is incredibly popular, with around 280 weekly user trips and over 4000 trips since commencement in February. However, this service is limited to that one estate and there are thousands more residents who would benefit from a route service to Craigieburn. I appreciate the minister’s consideration of this issue and look forward to her response.