Constituency Question: Merrifield West Primary School & Kalkallo Common Primary School

Ms SPENCE (Yuroke) (11:42:07): (378) My constituency question is to the Minister for Education. What is the latest information the minister can provide on plans for the two new primary schools to be located in the north of my electorate, namely, Merrifield West primary school and Kalkallo common primary school? Over the past few years new housing development in the Donnybrook Road corridor has progressed rapidly, with thousands of young families moving in. These much-needed new schools will provide families in Mickleham, Donnybrook and Kalkallo with access to quality education close to home. As a regular stallholder at the Merrifield Farmers’ Market, I know local residents are very pleased with the government’s commitment to deliver these new schools, and I am sure that they would appreciate further information that the minister can provide.