Constituency Question: Suburban Rail Loop

Ms SPENCE (Yuroke): My constituency question is to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure. How will Yuroke residents benefit from the Andrews Labor government’s proposed Suburban Rail Loop? The response from Yuroke residents to the government’s commitment to this massive, transformative project has been overwhelmingly positive, especially given the government has already demonstrated that it can get on and deliver big projects, from widening the Tulla or building the Metro Tunnel. I know that Yuroke residents are eager to hear more about how the Suburban Rail Loop will benefit commuters on the Craigieburn line, and I look forward to sharing the minister’s response with them.


I thank the Member for Yuroke for her question on the effect the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) will have on those living within the Yuroke electorate, and Victorians in general.

SRL is a new rail network linking Melbourne’s middle suburbs, with new stations connecting major railway lines from the Frankston line to the Werribee line via Melbourne Airport.

With Melbourne’s population growing to almost 8 million by 2051, there is a clear need to alleviate pressure on existing services and to deliver passengers a seamless, end-to-end public transport experience.

SRL will revolutionise the way people move around Melbourne, easing demand on existing rail services, including the Craigieburn line, and encouraging Melburnians to consider alternatives to car travel.

Broadmeadows station has been ear-marked for development by the SRL as one of three regional super-hubs in the project, giving transport users in Yuroke seamless connections to more destinations in Victoria.

Yuroke residents will be able to easily access the SRL, via the Craigieburn line to Broadmeadows station, and will be able to access a more efficient transport system that offers improved access to employment, health, education and activity centres outside the CBD.

Hon Jacinta Allan MP
Minister for Transport Infrastructure