Members statement: Keith & Mary Herring

Ms SPENCE — In keeping with the theme of saving people’s lives in an emergency, it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge the late Keith Herring, ASM, and Mary Herring. I was delighted to hear that both Keith and Mary were recently acknowledged for their tireless work in the formation of the first-ever community emergency response team (CERT) in Craigieburn and their service with the Craigieburn and District Ambulance Committee, or CADAC. The Craigieburn CERT recently announced that the award presented to the best new recruit member will be renamed the Keith and Mary Herring Achievement Award. Mary will be asked to present this award each year at the team’s annual dinner dance. Sadly, Keith passed away in May 2016. Keith and Mary’s daughter, Kath, as well as their grandchildren and other members of the family were present for this announcement as well as other emergency service dignitaries. This is well-deserved recognition for two incredible and tireless workers in the Yuroke community.