Constituency Question: Merrifield West Primary School

ADJOURNMENT MATTER — Ms Spence to ask the Minister for Education —

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Education, and the action I seek is for the minister to provide me with an update on the next steps to be taken in the delivery of Merrifield West Primary School.

Merrifield West Primary is the third of six schools that the Andrews Labor government will be delivering in my electorate during this term of government, and it is a school that residents in Mickleham are keenly awaiting.

More young families are moving into Mickleham every month, and they are excited at the prospect of sending their children to a brand-new government school.

A new school means cutting-edge facilities and learning spaces for the next generation of Victorians in this outer-suburban growth area.

Merrifield W est Primary is expected to open its doors to new students in 2021, and we are all eager to see the school take shape.

I look forward to sharing the minister’s response with the many excited families in my community.


The Andrews Labor Government is building the ‘Education State’ so that every Victorian gets the opportunity for a great education and every community has access to a great school.

Merrifield West Primary School (interim name) is part of a $7.2 billion investment by the Government to improve classrooms, upgrade facilities and build new schools.

This building boom is supporting the delivery of 100 new schools over eight years (2019-2026), and supporting Victorian construction jobs as well as suppliers and other industry sectors.

Merrifield West Primary School (interim name) is on track for its scheduled opening in January 2021. Concrete slabs have been poured and steel is being erected for the buildings. The construction of the school is on track for completion well ahead of day 1, Term 1, 2021.

The Hon James Merlino MP
Deputy Premier
Minister for Education
Minister for the Coordination of Education and Training: COVID-19