Constituency Question: Newbury Primary School

Ms SPENCE (Yuroke) (11:41:07): (1285) My constituency question is to the Minister for Education. What information can the minister provide on the much-needed additional facilities for Newbury Primary School in the Yuroke electorate? As the minister knows, Newbury Primary School was planned, built and opened in the Andrews Labor government’s first term. This new school is immensely popular with local families under the outstanding leadership of principal Michelle Bromfield and her team. With significant growth in enrolments, I know that the Newbury Primary School community would be interested to hear from the minister about any plans to continue to build on what is already a fantastic local school.


The 2019-20 State Budget provided $101.3 million to deliver relocatable buildings to Victorian government schools. This will ensure that schools can cater for student enrolment growth in the 2020 school year, and it builds on the $362 million already allocated to the Relocatable Building Program over the past four budgets.

I am pleased to confirm that seven relocatable buildings have been allocated to Newbury Primary School to assist with the student accommodation demand for the 2020 school year and beyond. Four of these buildings will house eight general purpose classrooms to provide learning room for an additional 200 students. The school will also receive an art building and a music building to support curriculum requirements. An additional toilet facility will also be provided.

In addition to these seven buildings, I can confirm that the Andrews Labor Government has committed a state-of-the-art, double-storey relocatable building to Newbury Primary School, to assist with student accommodation demand for the 2020 school year and beyond. This building will house four general purpose classrooms and accommodate 100 students in a modern learning facility, allowing the school to preserve its outdoor space and play area, while addressing enrolment growth and future proofing the school.

The Government is dedicated to working with schools, like Newbury Primary School, in high-growth areas, to ensure that students have the accommodation required to address their learning needs.

The Department of Education and Training and the Victorian School Building Authority will continue to work with schools and the Department’s regional offices to monitor enrolment growth and student accommodation needs.

The Hon James Merlino
Deputy Premier 
Minister for Education