Ros SPENCE (Kalkallo – Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Community Sport, Minister for Carers and Volunteers) (09:57): As this year draws to a close I would also like to thank my Kalkallo Youth Advisory Council for all the work they have done in 2023. \

This year members focused on the issue of career development and life skills, creating a flyer that acts as a directory to helpful resources via a QR code, which they plan to distribute to secondary schools over the coming weeks.

Thanks to Aarav, Ammar, Anagha, Ashly, Caitlyn, Divjot, Harkirat, Helena, Husain, Jayde, Kayla, Lorjel, Maria, Matthew, Mehar, Nathaniel, Nayush, Omar, Priyanshi, Sarah and Uthish.

I thank all of these members for the work they have done, and I look forward to many of them returning next year on the council, as have many returned from last year.