Ros SPENCE (Kalkallo – Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Community Sport, Minister for Carers and Volunteers) (09:51): Congratulations to all the students at Newbury Primary School who have taken on student leadership roles for 2024 and who I had the pleasure of presenting their badges to earlier this month.

It was fantastic to join these excited and proud students at their school assembly as they take on their new leadership responsibilities.

There are around 1200 students at Newbury Primary School, and with Myla, Ariana, Aubrey, Abrish, Alexander, Ella and Riyansh stepping up from the prep classes through to Dontae, Harnit, Dilraj, Divyaan, Layla, Aarika, Thaissa and Harveer representing the year 6 classes, every one of the 53 classes has a student empowerment leader. Add to this eight digital innovators and eight house leaders and there are close to 70 student leaders for 2024.

Newbury Primary School is a great school in my electorate which this government opened in 2017. Since then principal Michelle Nunn has done a fantastic job in fostering a strong sense of community among staff, students and families, and I thank her and teacher Leonie Gasper for their very kind invitation to this presentation.

Congratulations again to all those students who have taken on leadership responsibilities at Newbury Primary this year, and thank you to all the families and friends who joined in the day to celebrate these students. To all the 2024 student leaders: I know you will do a terrific job. Enjoy your new roles, and thank you again for having me at your school to share in this very special day with you.